An End to Work

The question of “abolishing work”, “the right not to work”, and “full automation” are popular ones in leftist circles lately, or at least mildly popular; from demands for universal basic income and full automation to so-called “primitivists” demanding the destruction of industrial production altogether, the range of answers to the “what", “why”, and “how” of abolishing work is extensive and often incoherent. But I believe there is value to the concept of eliminating work from society and keeping it as a goal of the way we should choose to structure our economy in the future.


Different Types of Activity

Many people define "work" very differently from each other, I've had conversations with people where they define "work" as being any sort of physical or mental activity. I find that definition to be patently false, but what's important here isn't whether a definition is "correct". Language is subjective, as such it is more beneficial to [...]